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Curriculum Vision Statement

Our creative, project based curriculum inspires and engages our children. It offers first hand experiences and investigative learning, whilst insisting on routine and rigour. We ensure that children are given opportunities to widen their knowledge and understanding of the world (particularly our local environment) and learn and apply skills which will make them successful learners for life as well as enhancing their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. All children are challenged in all areas of the curriculum.


At the heart of our curriculum are the seven learning values which we believe are fundamental in preparing our learners to leave Valentine equipped with the behaviours and attitudes that will enable them to succeed in the next stage of their education. Each year group has a learning value which they teach through all of their projects:


Year R - Exploring

Year 1 - Creative

Year 2 - Curiosity

Year 3 - Independence

Year 4 - Confidence

Year 5 - Resilience

Year 6 - Aspire

The philosophy of each year group is explained in their mission statement.

Year R

Growing on experiences to build a foundation of possibilities through exploring, discovering and developing new pathways to creativity.


Year 1









Developing and taking pride in using our creativity to move learning forward


Year 2

Nurturing inquisitive minds on the journey of discovery.


Year 3

In Year 3, our pathway to independence means we can use a range of strategies to help our learning and enjoy our day.


Year 4

In Year 4 we have the confidence to celebrate the things that we are good at, as well as seek help and support when we need it.

Year 5

In Year 5, we are patient with ourselves and each other, fostering inner strength and encouraging a positive attitude, in order to develop a risk-taking and solution-focused culture. We are persistent!

Year 6

Aspirations – your pathway to success






Everyone can fulfil their dream


We have a project based curriculum which promotes enjoyment and fascination in learning about ourselves and the world around us. A summary of each project can be seen on the Curriculum map.


 Each project will:

  • Last for approximately half a term
  • Start with a hook to engage children (wow factor)
  • Include a curriculum bulletin to be sent to parents detailing key learning
  • Include a visit or a visitor wherever possible
  • Develop collaboration and independence skills
  • Insist on basic skills as non negotiable
  • Insist on excellence at every stage
  • Include foundation subjects which support the learning
  • Insist on high quality reading, writing and spoken language throughout the curriculum
  • Include a Home Learning Project which is related to the project
  • Result in a high quality outcome which will be shared with an audience


Maths and Phonics (KS1) are taught discretely each day, however wherever possible they are linked in to the project.

In addition to this we also have ‘experience days’ to explore some areas of Science. This affords greater opportunity for deep learning and open ended, child led investigation. RE is taught each half term where a different concept is investigated in depth. Children learn about key beliefs and festivals in Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam and, through discussion, reflect on these in order to develop a respect for different people's faiths and beliefs, religious or otherwise.  Each half term starts with a PSHE day which reinforces the school ethos of every child taking responsibility for their own learning and the consequences of not doing so. Through learning about key issues such as mental health and bullying,,as well as regular P4C (Philosophy for Children) sessions, children explore, deepen and share learning and experiences, recognise the difference between right and wrong and debate moral and ethical issues. This allows them to appreciate the viewpoints of others, develop their social skills and accept and engage with the fundamental British values. As a Global Learning Expert Centre, the development of Global Learning is high on our agenda and permeates the entire curriculum.


We have specialist PE and Music teachers to enrich and enhance children’s experiences through their senses and physical interaction with their surroundings, both in the curriculum and through extra curricular opportunities. All children in Year 4 learn to play an instrument and participate in termly concerts to showcase their skills. We also offer opportunities to perform as part of an orchestra and Rock Band.  We offer a vast array of opportunities to participate and excel in artistic and sporting events and all children in Year 5 go swimming. We offer residential trips in Years 4, 5 and 6 which are organised by our PE teachers. We have entered Rock Challenge for the past 3 years and children have relished the opportunity to perform at the Guildhall to a large audience.


In addition to this we also offer some children an opportunity to go to Forest Schools with our trained Forest Schools teacher. This allows children the chance to learn in a woodland environment for a morning a week. Teachers are encouraged to maximise opportunities to make the most of our extensive grounds for outdoor learning to enhance the all areas of the curriculum.