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Local Offer Q&A 9

9. What training is provided for staff supporting children with SEN?

  • Mr Damian Pratt (SENCo) has gained the Masters Level National Qualification for Special Educational Needs.

  • Mr Damian Pratt (SENCo) is a qualified Team Teach trainer. Ms Liz Filer, Mrs Anna Rutter, Mrs Marie Bishop, Mrs Jackie Hurden and Mr Nick Guise Smith are Team Teach trained. Those LSA’s who work with more challenging children are also Team Teach trained as necessary. Team Teach is a nationally recognised physical intervention approach.

  • Mrs Sue Hill, Mrs Jayne O’Donoghue, Mrs Maggie Prince and Mrs Justine Spake are qualified ELSAs and maintain this status with regular training updates.

  • The Head teacher and Deputy Head teachers for Inclusion are also designated safeguarding leads, along with Mrs Maggie Prince and Mrs Justine Spake.

  • All staff attend annual medical training delivered by the school nursing team covering topics such as asthma, epilepsy and diabetes.

  • Most TAs in the school have completed Precision Teaching training with the Educational Psychologist. They put this into daily practice.

  • Makaton (sign language) training has been completed for many members of staff working directly with pupils with communication needs. Several other members of staff are Makaton trained and use it to support communication.

  • Individual teachers or support staff attend training courses run by outside agencies that are relevant to the specific needs of the children in their class. Mrs Anna Rutter (Deputy Head teacher for Teaching & Learning) organises this.

  • In the next academic year we are planning training on Autism and EAL (English as an Additional Language) for all staff. This will enhance the training delivered to a small group of staff this year and will be delivered by the Educational Psychology service.

  • Beginning September 2014 we entered a weekly training schedule delivered by Rosy McVittie and Warren Education. Rosy has specialised in SEN for many years and delivered bespoke training to all support staff. Three members of staff attended the FFT (Fisher Family Trust) Wave 3 Literacy Programme training in the Autumn Term. This is being run in Year 3. In addition to this some staff are already trained in Catch Up Numeracy.