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Sports Clubs

Dear Parents / Carers,

We aim to offer a range of opportunities for children to take part in clubs and special events. These clubs are run by school staff or outside organisations who we work in partnership with. They are a valued part of the children's education and help to enrich and extend their learning.

Please take a moment to read the information below concerning after school clubs.


After school clubs

Below is a web address for the website so you can book online or get phone details.


Curriculum units being studied

Year R - Gymnastics and ball skills

Year 1 - Gymnastics and ball skills

Year 2 - Gymnastics and agility activities

Year 3 - Circuit training and football

Year 4 - Orienteering and Gymnastics

Year 5 - Football and circuit training

Year 6 - Handball and table tennis

Information for parents
Please could parents make sure that their children bring in appropriate kit for PE lessons;
Dance - t-shirt, shorts, skirts/skorts, leggings
Gymnastics - t-shirt, shorts, leotards, skirts/skorts, leggings
Outdoor PE - t-shirt, shorts, skirts/skorts, jogging bottoms, sweatshirts, trainers/plimsolls
It is really important that your child wears appropriate clothing for PE. This is not only for their comfort but also for their safety.