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Valentine Primary School Governors

Name Type of governor Registered business interest
Liz Filer Headteacher Liz Filer is head teacher at Valentine Primary School.
VACANCY Local Authority  
Anna Jacklin Co-opted  
Jason Teoh (Chair) Co-opted  
Nigel Coffin (Vice-chair) Co-opted Lorraine Coffin is the Business Manager of Valentine Primary School and is the wife of Nigel Coffin.
Liz Bandey Co-opted Victoria Bandey is a teacher at Valentine Primary School and is the daughter of Liz Bandey.
Victoria Keyse Co-opted Victoria Keyse is an associate headteacher at Chamberlayne College For The Arts.
Penny Hollowell Co-opted  
Dan Karpeta Parent  
Rebecca Bradley Parent  
Lizzie Grimes Staff

Lizzie Grimes is a teacher at Valentine Primary School.

Marie Bishop is deputy head teacher at Valentine Primary School and is a cousin of Lizzie Grimes.

Remit of the governing body

The Governing Body has the overall responsibility for the conduct of the school, for promoting high standards of educational achievement, and for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. The Headteacher is accountable to the Governing Body for the internal organisation, management and control, and the educational performance of the school and its students. The governing body has responsibility for the appointment of all staff but has delegated this to the Headteacher for all staff below Deputy Headteacher.


Governors are responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent, and ensuring that the school has an effective and appropriate system of financial and management controls. The Governing Body has delegated the day to day responsibility to the Headteacher for implementing effective management systems, including financial monitoring and control systems, and for ensuring that the systems conform with good financial management practices.


Governing body structure

As of March 2018, the Governing Body has decided to suspend the committee structure, and decisions will be taken through Full Governing Body meetings.


When at full capacity, the Governing Body is to be structured of 11 governors

  • School Staff: The Headteacher is automatically a Governor. The staff of the school elect a Staff Governor.
  • Parent governors: 2 Parent Governors are elected by a ballot of all parents/carers.
  • Local Authority governor: The Local Authority appoints a representative.
  • Co-opted governors: 6 Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body and the school.
  • Associate governors: The Governing Body has the right to appoint Associate governors, but has not chosen to do so.