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Local Offer Q&A 2

2. How does your educational setting know if children need extra help and what do I do if I think that my child has special educational needs?

  • We receive information from your child’s previous school or setting.

  • Pupil progress is monitored regularly by class teachers and senior leaders including the head and deputies. Where it is evident that a child is not progressing, as a result of a pupil progress meeting, an action plan will be written by the teacher and team leader. For those children already identified as having Special Educational Needs (SEN) the Inclusion team will also be involved. The pupil progress meeting will address which areas of the curriculum the child is having difficulty with and what support will be put into place to help the child.

  • Information from pupil progress meetings will be discussed with parents/carers/carer and ways that you can help your child at home will be shared.

  • If you are concerned about your child’s progress you should in the first instance speak with your child’s teacher. The teacher will liaise with the SENCo or Deputy head teachers as appropriate.

  • Our SENCos  work as part of a wider inclusion team. 

  • If felt appropriate by the inclusion team and/or you as parents/carers, the school will seek additional support and assessment from external services such as Educational Psychologists, Outreach Services and Health Services. If this is necessary, parents/carers/carer will always be closely consulted with.