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Local Offer Q&A 4

4. How will the educational setting staff support my child?

  • All lessons are differentiated to ensure that children receive appropriate challenge. This is monitored by all senior leaders.

  • A range of interventions are used to support children who require additional support (we are happy to share this with parents/carers on request)

  • Where the school identifies the need for additional support, the parents/carers will be informed of the support planned. This may be through a formal meeting.

  • Children identified as having SEN will be set highly individualised learning targets by their class teacher. These will be shared with the child and their parents/carers. The SENCOs assure the quality and appropriateness of these targets.

  • Teachers and support staff work on the targets set with the children. Your child may be supported on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. We expect parents/carers to support their children’s targets as well. We will discuss this with you and offer support and guidance to enable you to do this.

  • Progress will be monitored and tracked to ensure the intervention is right for your child.

  • The governing body receive termly progress reports on children with SEN and monitor the effectiveness of the provision we have put in place.