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Local Offer Q&A 5

5. How will the curriculum at your setting be matched to my child’s needs?

  • All teachers have pupils in their classes with SEN and it is their responsibility to ensure these pupils make progress, with support from the Inclusion team.

  • All teachers are provided with information on the needs of individual pupils so that they can plan the learning within our curriculum to enable all pupils to make progress.

  • Pupil’s prior learning and attainment are taken into account when teachers are planning so that all children, whatever their ability are catered for and empowered to progress.

  • For some pupils with SEN, advice is sought from external experts such as Educational Psychologists, specialist advisory teachers or special school outreach services. Where recommendations are made to adjust the curriculum they are acted upon. If your child accesses any of these services you will be fully informed and kept up to date with their involvement and suggestions.

  • If appropriate specialist equipment may be given to your child e.g. writing slopes, concentration aids, pencil grips or easy grip scissors.

  • We routinely ask pupils for feedback on the content of the curriculum and use their feedback to adjust project content or outcomes so that interest levels and engagement remain high.