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Local Offer Q&A 6

6. How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

  • Quality first teaching is expected of all teaching staff and is therefore available to ALL pupils. To ensure that this standard is maintained there is a regular programme of monitoring by the Head, deputies and team leaders.

  • All classes in Year R and Key stage 1 benefit from a full time Teaching Assistant (TA). All classes in Key stage 2 benefit from a TA every morning. Other Teaching Assistants work across key stages completing interventions. This is coordinated by Mrs Anna Rutter, Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning).

  • Children’s attainment levels and engagement in learning are also monitored. Where teaching staff feel that they are below expected levels discussions will be initiated with the SENCos or Head/deputy.

  • Your child’s needs will then be determined and additional support put in place.

  • Additional support may take the form of extra TA time, inclusion in a booster group/programme, emotional support from a school Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) or in some cases an external professional will be consulted. Additional support may be short term or long term. Decisions on the amount and type of support your child will receive is highly individualised to their need.

  • Should additional support be required, you will be informed of the nature and frequency of this. This will usually be communicated to you by your child’s teacher but in some cases you will be approached directly by a member of the Inclusion Team.

  • In a very small number of cases the Inclusion team and external specialists may support the decision that your child would benefit from 1:1 support for some or all of their school day. We may take the decision to apply for an integrated assessment of your child’s needs which may result in an EHC Plan. Should this be the case, you will be fully informed by the school SENCOs and/or Inclusion Deputies and we will work in partnership with you. We will also offer you independent advice and support from the Southampton Information Advice & Support Service (SIAS). This was formerly known as the Parent Partnership.