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National Child Measurement Programme

National Child Measurement Programme

Across England over 99% of eligible schools take part in the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) each year. This valuable information is used to deliver services to prevent and manage overweight and obesity in children.  Additionally, the programme engages parents by sharing their child's results with them.  We are grateful for your continued commitment which is essential for the success of the programme.

Obesity is a leading concern for children's health and wellbeing and there are several reasons for Valentine Primary School to take action.  Childhood obesity rates in Southampton double between Year R and year 6.  Maintaining a healthy weight is important not only for a child's physical, social and mental wellbeing but also for their capacity to do well at school. 

Further, schools have statutory duties to promote children's health and wellbeing and Ofsted inspectors evaluate the extent to which schools proactively support students with knowledge of how to keep themselves emotionally and physically healthy.

The results  below are our school's average results from the past three years.  Action will be taken at a whole school level to support children to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.