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“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

Edward Teller

At Valentine, we believe that Science has never been a more important curriculum subject than it is in 2023. From the effects of climate change, and scientists working to limit Earth’s rising temperature, to understanding adaptation and global warming’s impact on the world’s flora and fauna. Science is evolving and our children need to be at pace with it.


At Valentine, leaders recognise the need to lead a curriculum that teaches pupils the importance of looking after the world they will one day inherit from us.

Whilst our Science Curriculum provides essential knowledge related to: biodiversity and global warming and our Geography curriculum teaches children about the environmental impact of issues such as global trade – it is important that we root this knowledge and skill development within the local context of the area they inhabit and they will one day lead.

The Sustainability & Ecology Project is a curriculum drop-down week to inform, educate, celebrate and create action. We will use a wealth of resources including: visual, art, spoken word (including music), video, real-life speakers and visits.

The week will culminate in each child contributing to a ‘bigger piece’ school project – including a parent/carer event to showcase learning and a Community Day. Simultaneously the project will support the retention of new knowledge in relation to: Southampton’s wider sustainability goals, Our School’s Climate Pledge and Ecologically-driven activities that promote sustainability at our school in the longer-term.

But it doesn’t end here. Our wider reading and writing spine this year incorporates world literature linked to sustainability and climate change action. Our VR headsets enable pupils to see climate action first-hand, to visit new centres tackling sustainability and to review areas that still pose a threat to the World.  We are doing our bit to create future global citizens.  (See this year's teacher guide below)

Knowledge organisers

Below you will find the knowledge organisers for your child's year group, for this current term.

The knowledge organiser supports you with:

  • Subject specific vocabulary that your child must know and learn
  • Key knowledge that they should know and remember