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Curriculum Intent 

At Valentine, we intend to offer a Physical Education curriculum that gives children an opportunity to succeed in a broad range of sports and physical activities while kick-starting healthy, active lifestyles. We believe at Valentine that each child needs to be taught balance, coordination, core movements and agility to achieve and succeed in sport. As they progress through the school, they will learn how to master these skills and combine those talents with taking part in primary adapted sports, ensuring they can evaluate and recognise their own sporting success.


We hope that by introducing a wide range of sports and activities through our curriculum, this will spark an interest which will propel children to showcase their talent in competitive sport both in and outside of school.


Children are encouraged to take part in after-school sports clubs and a range of sporting fixtures throughout the year. These opportunities give children a further chance to sample sports they may not be able to outside of school, therefore potentially developing and building cultural capital for each child.


In Physical Education we aim for all children to aspire to keep improving in order to meet their sporting potential.. Confidence is built by a developed culture at the school where failure is not negative and an ethos that practice leads to progress. Children are given multiple chances to succeed, therefore building resilience and character along the way. Empathy is promoted through PE by embedding values such as fairness and respect and children having a firm understanding that children all have different starting points when measuring sporting success.


As a school, we expect children to leave Valentine having enjoyed exposure to sport and experiencing competitive sport at some level. Most importantly, we expect children to leave Valentine with knowledge of how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and continue with lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


End of Key Stage Expectations:

By the end of EYFS, children will be able to negotiate space and obstacles safely, with consideration for themselves and others. They will demonstrate strength, balance and coordination when playing and move energetically, such as running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing.


By the end of KS1, children will have mastered basic movements, including running, jumping, throwing and catching as well as developing balance, agility and coordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities. They will participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending. They will be able to perform dances using simple movement patterns.


By the end of KS2, children will be able to use running, jumping, catching and throwing in isolation and in applied games/ sports. They will be able to play competitive games and apply basic principles of attacking and defending. They will have developed their flexibility, strength and technique, control and balance and be able to perform dances using a range of movement patterns. They will be able to take part in individual and team adventurous outdoor activity. They will be able to evaluate their performance to improve their skills to achieve their personal best. They will be taught the skills to swim 25m, using a range of strokes and be able to rescue themselves in water.



  • Physical Education at Valentine Primary School provides safe, challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities.   
  • Pupils participate in at least 2 hours of high-quality PE lessons each week, covering one or two different sports/ skills focuses each half term.
  • Provision taught by qualified sports coaches from PH Sports.
  • PH sports follow the National Curriculum and lessons are differentiated to allow children to develop new skills whilst being engaged in a holistic learning environment. In each lesson, children are allowed to practise skills in a variety of ways and each lesson builds upon the previous skills, allowing them time to embed it. Different skills are recapped throughout, and across, the years, each time they are being built upon; allowing children to know more and remember more
  • PH sports complete termly formative assessment to monitor children’s progress whilst extending knowledge and skills.  
  • Southampton Saints Foundation offers additional high-quality PE lessons for children that also serve as CPD for current class teachers.
  • Children are encouraged to participate in a varied range of extra-curricular activities. We provide inclusive and enjoyable clubs which increases children’s physical activity. Clubs are offered to both KS1 and KS2.
  • Active travel is encouraged, and we take part in the annual Big Pedal and Walk to School Week events.
  • Children are invited to attend competitive sporting events and festivals within the local area and beyond. This is an inclusive approach that endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also mental well-being. These events also develop teamwork and leadership skills and are very much enjoyed by children.
  • Children are given wider opportunities to build character and embed values through regular teamwork activities, competitive sport and Sports Day
  • Sports Premium Funding is used to increase the physical competency of staff and children and also provides staff with resources and high-quality equipment.



We will measure the impact of our PE curriculum through the following ways:

  • Pupil interviews
  • Observing the teaching and learning of PE
  • Monitoring the participation in after school clubs and sporting fixtures, with a particular focus on disadvantaged children
  • Analysis of termly formative assessments


The subject leader will monitor the impact of the teaching and learning termly.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly