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Attendance Team

Liz Filer - Headteacher

Danni Smith - Attendance Officer

Maggie Prince - FISO

Justine Spake - FISO

Andrea Balcome - EWO


To Report An Absence:

Telephone: 023 8044 8944 option 1 - School



Good school attendance is very important for your

child’s academic performance and social interaction

with their peers.


Please ensure your child is on time and attending

school every day.  When your child is ill, and we

are aware that this does happen, you must report it to the school immediately; this will ensure you do not

get an unauthorised mark.


We meet every 3 weeks to discuss all attendance below

90%.  Our policy is that if your child’s attendance

drops below 90% without a good and valid reason

then a letter will be sent home.  If it then persists to be below 90% we will call you in for a meeting to discuss how we can help you to improve your child’s attendance.  For random and inconsistent attendance the EWO (Education Welfare Officer) may get involved.


Thank you for your cooperation


Please telephone first thing in the morning on the day of absence, either speak to the front desk or leave an answer phone message, we need a valid reason for the absence not they are poorly or unwell.

If your child is late this is just as disruptive for their education please be on time.

You must call us if your child requires a school lunch before 9.30am.

All late children MUST be registered at the front office as this stops any unnecessary text messages being sent home.

If we do not receive any call then the absence will be marked as unauthorized.