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School Council

A School Council has been established in our School covering all year groups.  Through setting up the School Council, children have opportunities to be actively engaged in discussion and consultation about aspects of school life and develop their sense of responsibility as citizens within a community.


The school council is Valentine Primary School’s Platform for the children’s voices to be heard and listened to.  The School Council Representatives will bring concerns and ideas to meetings which are discussed and actioned upon.  There is a Council representative from each class.  Year 6 representatives have lead roles within the council – Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary.

The children have set ground rules for their meetings and these are followed at all meetings.

  • Always arrive on time
  • Always bring school council folders
  • Always bring a pen/pencil
  • Always wear your School Council Badge
  • Only 1 person to speak at a time and be respectful to others ideas

School Representative:
Vanessa Rattley

School Pupil Councilors:

Chair: Alisha Silitoe, Year 6
Vice Chair: Ethan Dibden, Year 6
Secretary: Jack Forsythe, Year 6

Year 5 Representatives: Bella Tarrant, William Crowley, Rida Mouhout, Destiny Jensen
Year 4 Representatives: Ruby Smith, Gracie Oram, Jesse Wolfe, Aiden Stearman

Year 3 Representatives: Freddie Townsend, Abbi Jervis, Amari Owolabi, Salvijuis Minikaitus

Year 2 Representatives: Ellie-Mai Skinner, Alice O'Brien, Jessie Brewer

Year 1 Representatives: Joseph Clarke, Megan Dibden, Archie Edwards, Jacob Russell


Each School Council representative has their own class folder which they bring to each meeting. This folder contains all paperwork from the meetings and ideas from each class.

The Council Secretary takes minutes of the meeting and then the Year 6 Council representatives produce and distribute the minutes to each class.


  • Location: Eastwood Community room


The School Council have their own display board which they help to keep up-to date.


The School Council are now working on four main areas:

  • School Council Reward Shop for improved basic skills and presentation of work
  • Setting up a lunchtime club sports and friendship club
  • Having respect for school property and play equipment
  • behaviour in school during lessons and at break/linchtimes