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Travel Plan

Travel Plan  School Champions / Representatives (staff)

School Representative :Vanessa Rattley
Chair: Riley Collins - Year 6
Vice-Chair: Josh Gould - Year 6
Secretary: Spencer Allan - Year 6
Vice-Secretary: Chloe Godwin - Year 5

Charlie Phelps - Year 5

Beau Mason- Claffey - Year 4

Aricha Roberts - Year 4

Thando Mpofu - Year 4

Kacie Rolfe - Year 4

Isabelle Ransley - Year 3

Amalie Ransley - Year 3.


The Travel Plan, last academic year had an amazing impact on the school and the children.  Because of the hard work and enthusiasm from all of  the children, parents / carers and staff,  Valentine Primary school achieved the bronze and silver awards. 
We are the only school to have achieved both awards within a year – Amazing!!!!


This plan not only made us all more aware of sustainable travel it promoted how much fun cycling, scooting and walking to school can be and how much fitter and healthier this small change can make us.  Let’s continue this into this academic year and achieve our Gold award.

We are presently electing the pupil Travel Ambassadors which has been opened up to other year groups.  Good luck to all of you who have shown an interest.


Could we please remind all parents and carers that when you need to drive to school and park your car outside of the school that you consider our local residents and access to their properties.  Also do not park on the yellow zig zag lines.  Could we also please remind you that the car parks within the school grounds are for staff only.

It would be fantastic to park further away from the school when dropping off and collecting your children.  This would also help our Park and Stride initiative.


Walk, Ride or Scoot

The Travel Ambassadors are working hard on ideas to encourage and reward children and adults to walk, scoot,
cycle and park and stride to school. They will be holding an event early next year to help awareness of
sustainable travel and the effects it can have on all of our lives.