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Visions and Values



We want to share our vision and values with you


Our motto is Valentine Primary – Pathway to our dreams




School Vision

Valentine is at the heart of the community. All members of our school community are proud members of Team Valentine and uphold the school’s inclusive ethos. They commit to learning and therefore are active participants in their personal growth. All team members are creative thinkers and learners, who solve problems and are fully prepared to take on the challenge of the jobs of tomorrow. Team members are inspired to lead fulfilled lives with positive relationships and have the self-confidence and motivation to achieve their dreams. All members embody the school values of: aspiration, confidence and empathy (ACE). The team are guided by a strong and true moral compass. The school is a happy, safe environment which exudes positive energy.


School Values

  • Aspiration – We strive to develop an understanding of the importance of setting high expectations of ourselves and achieving personal goals in order to be happy and successful. We expect all team members to always try their best to achieve a given goal, no matter how big or small this may be.
  • Confidence – We expect all team members to believe in their own abilities to meet challenges and succeed; our safe, supportive environment allows learners to take risks without judgement or fear of failure.
  • Empathy – We expect all team members to understand and acknowledge the feelings of themselves and others, embracing and celebrating difference and diversity. We strive to always be caring and understanding of the needs of ourselves and others, managing our emotions effectively.