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Visions and Values

We want to share our vision and values with you

Our motto is Valentine Primary – Pathway to our dreams


  • We are a fully inclusive school where all children have equality of opportunity in order to achieve their dreams. All staff listen to children and emotional literacy is at the heart of everything we do.
  • We promote the ethos of ‘Team Valentine’ where all members of our community respect each other, look after each other, are kind to each other and love coming to school.
  • Our staff provide a safe, stimulating environment in which children are able to learn.
  • We teach through an exciting, hands on, project based curriculum. The projects have a purpose and an audience to engage and motivate our learners and our target audience.
  • We believe in the importance of providing a wide range of extra curricula opportunities for children through musical, sporting and residential opportunities
  • We foster a ‘can do’ approach and encourage staff and adults to take risks with their learning
  • We believe that a close relationship with parents and carers is essential in order for children to achieve their dreams
  • Our staff provide engaging learning opportunities for our children with the aim of enabling them to make strong progress from their various starting points and for school outcomes to be at least in line with National
  • Our learners behave well and develop knowledge, respect and understanding of other cultures and beliefs
  • At the end of their time at Valentine Primary, we aim for children to be ready to flourish in the next stage of their learning
  • We aim for Valentine Primary to be at the centre of our community