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Year 2

Welcome to Year2


The children will learning how to write a good set of instructions on how to plant and look after a flower well. The children will be learning how to use imperative verbs, adverbs, commands, bullet points and questions. They will create an instructional leaflet which they will be able to take home at the end of the project so they can plant seeds with you. 

Linked to the science of microhabitats, the children will be writing their own minibeast short stories. The will apply their skills of story language, conjunctions, adjectives and adverbs.


The children will be learning how to tell the time quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals. They will be learning how many minutes in a hour and how many hours in a day, The children will also be learning about fractions 1/2 1/4 1/3 and 3/4 of shapes and amounts. Towards the end of the half term the children will be continuing to secure their knowledge of addition and subtraction and beginning to work with 2 step problems.


Read many common exception words:

Year 2:

after, again, any, bath, beautiful, because, behind, both, break, busy, child, children, Christmas, class, climb, clothes, cold, could, door, even, every, everybody, eye, fast, father, find, floor, gold, grass, great, half, hold, hour, improve, kind, last, many, mind, money, most, move, Mr, Mrs, old, only, parents, pass, past, path, people, plant, poor, pretty, prove, should, steak, sugar, sure, told, water, who, whole, wild, would


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