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Year R

Year R 

Welcome to Valentine Primary School!

The Year R team would like to say a very big ‘welcome’ to all the new children and parents starting school.  The summer holidays are over and now its time to put on the brand new uniform and start the next chapter – school.

Now that the children have completed their first few mornings at school, they are getting to know their teachers and learn where things are in their classroom.  In the coming weeks the children will start to explore more of the Year R areas and then the wider school.  They will make new friends and we will get to know individual children in the next few weeks.

The first project children will do is all about starting school with the project called ‘Marvellous Me’. They really get to know others well and make their own memory box with objects in all about them and starting school.

They will bring home an ‘All about me’ bag where they can place items about themselves to share with the rest of their class. They will also be telling us what they want their class to learn about!  Your child will be taught to be an independent learner  in the classroom and activities will be planned based on what your child likes to do and is interested in. On the website there is a link to the homework booklet you were given at your home visit.  If your child does any work at home, please bring it in as the staff would love to see what they have been doing.  And don’t forget to complete a WOW slip too.  A copy of this can also be found on the website.

If you have any questions about your child’s transition into school or anything else, please speak to the class teacher first, or Helen Benson, Early Years Team Leader.  We are happy to help make the transition into school a smooth one for both you and your child.  We look forward to working with you on your child’s journey through Valentine Primary School.